Mission Statement

The objectives of the Olivia Genesis Foundation is the prevention and treatment of child abuse. To support parenting programs that reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect, and treatment programs that improve the social and emotional functioning of children and youth impacted by abuse and family violence.

Bring together leading research and treatment professionals, policy makers and community members to make sure every child has the opportunity to develop and grow in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.

Partner with policy makers, human service agencies, child advocacy groups and nonprofits locally and around the nation and globe to prevent child abuse and neglect and to treat victims of abuse and neglect.

Provide the education, advocacy and clinical care. Be part of a game-changing, paradigm shift in the way we think about, talk about and treat child abuse and neglect.

Partner with children’s hospitals and research universities to address the issues of child abuse and neglect.

Provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary consultation, assessment and treatment for children and adolescents who may have been physically or sexually abused or neglected.

Offer comprehensive and extensive mental health clinic services to children and families to help break the generational cycle of abuse and neglect.

Bring expertise from the United States, Europe and locally.

Fostering Healthy Futures | Mentoring fosters resilience and promote success for pre-adolescents and teens who have been placed in foster care following abuse or neglect.

Positive Parenting Programs: Parenting, home-visiting and teen parent programs for families with history of trauma, violence, mental health, substance abuse issues.
Children’s Treatment Programs: Work closely with Community-based mental health programs for children who have been abused or neglected, exposed to family violence, and experienced multiple incidences of trauma.
Advocacy/Technical Assistance: Advocacy to expand access to quality programming and improve infrastructure of child abuse prevention and intervention services to families and provide training and technical assistance to community-based organizations.

Program Objectives and Desired Outcomes
While recognizing that this is a vast complex area and could take on a myriad of strategies to help children and families build protective factors, our goal is to obtain and analyze the following outcomes:
The list below is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all objectives and outcomes.
• Positive Parenting
• Increase of child and family protective factors
• Improve positive parenting beliefs, expectations and behaviors
• Reduce the rate of child victims of abuse and neglect

Children’s Treatment
•Decrease and manage symptoms related to traumatic experiences
•Increase in child functioning
•Recognition of child trauma symptoms by parents, teachers and community as a whole
•Reduction of juvenile arrests for delinquent or violent behavior, school suspensions, day care expulsions

Advocacy/Technical Assistance
•Increase, or maintaining government funding levels for child abuse prevention or treatment programs
•Successes and/or milestones of coalition activities working towards policy change